Assemble Your Balloon Kit

This kit comes with small, medium, and large balloons. To create your garland, you'll use the following 3 balloon combos:

  • 4 small: inflate and tie 2 small balloons together to create a pair. Create another pair and tie the two pairs around one another to form a cluster.
  • 1 small, 1 medium: inflate and tie a small and a medium balloon together.
  • 1 small, 1 large: inflate and tie a small and a large balloon together

Here's the pattern you'll use to assemble your garland:

  • Begin assembly by using the fishing line to tie a knot around a set of the 4 small balloons. To continue assembling, add a new cluster of balloons by figure-8'ing your fishing line around each quad or pairing of balloons. Leave about a yard of extra line on each end to use for securing your garland!
  • Repeat the combo on the back 4x to create your full 10ft garland.
  • Remember to HAVE FUN and be creative! Check out our website for a full tutorial & don't forget to tag us in your photos! #betterwithbashify