DIY Kits

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Will my kit stay inflated outside?

Our balloons are professional grade, which means they give you the best chance against the sun, heat, and cold outdoors! While they will hold their color/stay inflated better than any other balloons, they still may pop in extreme heat or when exposed to hot sun for prolonged periods. As a result, we recommend the following best practices to get the most out of your balloons:

-Keep balloons out of direct sunlight and in temperatures under 90F

-Keep balloons off of heat conducting surfaces like concrete, as well as sharper surfaces like dry or pointy grass

-In hot conditions, be sure to slightly under-inflate balloons to allow them to expand with the heat

-Make sure that when you're pre-inflating balloons that you're still following all precautions above and not leaving them in a warm vehicle, in the sun, or on a surface that may disturb them.

Note: we find it helpful to use bags (mattress bags work great!) when transporting balloons to lessen the risk of contact with a disturbing surface and protect against the sun.

How far ahead of my event can I inflate my balloon garland?

You can inflate your balloons multiple days before your event! To ensure that your balloons perform as well as possible on party day, be sure to store them at room temperature and out of humidity or sunlight. Putting them in a mattress bag or covered with another opaque material works great!

How long will my balloon garland stay inflated?

Our professional grade balloon garland can last for weeks. We recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature if you want them to last the longest.

How long will my kit take to arrive?

We ship out orders Monday-Thursday at the end of the day, and you can expect your kit to processed and shipped in most cases the following packing business day. When we experience high volumes, you can expect it to take up to 3 business days to ship your kit. An estimate of your kit’s arrival date is shown at checkout, and 99% of our orders arrive on or before that date!

What do I do if it takes longer to delivery than my estimated delivery date?

If you see that your kit has been stuck in transit, we recommend reaching out to the carrier handling your package first. We fulfill all orders within 3 business days to ensure it is shipped on time, however we are not responsible for postal services response/delivery times once they have left our facility. In the event that your kit will not arrive on time due to carrier error, we recommend placing a new order with expedited shipping and billing the additional cost to the carrier as part of your insurance claim with them (all orders of ours are automatically insured by carriers for up to $100). If you eventually do receive your package from them, contact us at to initiate a return, which are only accepted in this case.

Pre-Inflated Garlands (Grab N Go's)

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How can I schedule my pickup?

After you place your order, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to schedule your garland’s pickup. Pickups must be scheduled with at least 24 hours notice.

What comes with my Grab-n-Go?

Each grab-n-go comes with a 10ft pre-inflated garland, hooks to mount the garland and extra balloons in case any are popped in transport.

What vehicle do I need to pick up my grab-n-go garland?

We recommend using a full size SUV (Chevy Tahoe or similar size) with no carseats or other items and folded-down seats to transport your grab-n-go. We cannot guarantee that your garland will fit in smaller vehicles. If you do come with a smaller vehicle, we can separate your garland into smaller pieces to facilitate transportation.

When can I pickup my Grab N Go?

Pickup is available at our Richardson office Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm

My balloons look dirty, what can I do?

The latex material of the balloons does attract dust and dirt easily, especially after being stored. Wiping them down with a damp paper towel or a microfiber cloth will restore them back to their original look. Additionally, using a cold-setting hair dryer can help remove dirt + dust.

Balloon and Fringe Installations

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Do you have a project minimum?

Our balloon + fringe projects have a minimum value of $500. This budget will cover a 15ft garland.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Delivery and installation for all projects starts at 20% of the project value. For projects that require recovery, tear-down, or for our staff to return to the site for any reason, the installation, delivery, and recovery fee will start at 30% of the project value or $200. This fee is reduced for larger projects at our estimator’s discretion.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my install?

Our balloon services are non-refundable, however depending on the situation we may be able to offer a credit. We generally require a 4 week notice to process refunds for cancellations.

Do you pick up my balloons after?

The balloons are yours to keep and eventually dispose of. Recovery + cleanup is available at an additional charge.

What if I can’t meet your minimum fee for installs but still want balloons?

Our DIY or Grab N Go options as a more cost effective option and use the same professional grade balloons that we use in our own installations

Will you arrange for other vendors to be a part of the setup?

In addition to balloons, we will arrange for a variety of vendors who we work with closely to be a part of setting up your balloon centerpiece. Those vendors include marquee letters, florists, and 2D/3D printed graphics. If you’d like for us to work on more than a balloon focal point - i.e. tables, bars, or other areas - then you’d be looking at hiring us for full-scale event planning & design.

What if there's bad weather?

It is your responsibility to monitor the weather and ensure you’re comfortable proceeding with your event as planned. If your event is outdoors and you’d like to have a tent covering, you would be required to find that separately unless you hired Bashify for event planning & design. In the event of unexpected bad weather, we may not be able to set up and will have to cancel your event without a refund. Additionally, if we do hire 3rd party vendors on your behalf their weather policies may prevent them from setting up.

Party Package

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What’s the difference between a party package and event planning?

Party packages allow us to provide you with a lower-cost luxury event by renting to you exclusively out of our inventory as opposed to providing a fully-customized experience. We use preset floral, food, and setting options to keep costs to a fraction of what event planning would be. Expect less customization and minimal design input from our team, but the same level of quality, fit, and finish you’d expect from us.

Can I still use other vendors with my party package?

Absolutely! We are happy to use our closest vendors to provide things like custom desserts and bounce castles for your party package, but will not solicit new vendors or perform venue scouting on your behalf.

Event Planning

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How do you charge for event planning?

We charge a flat fee based on your total budget for the event. If you set your budget at $10,000, we charge a 20% fee for our design services - in other words, we’d charge $2,000 and leave the remaining $8,000 to be budgeted towards the event itself. Another way to think of this fee is that we charge 25% of the cost of goods to plan your event. This fee does not cover additional labor charges that may be required.

How much should I budget for event planning?

We have a hard requirement of a minimum total budget of $5,000 for event planning for parties under 25, $10,000 for parties under 50, and $25,000 for parties under 100. Although these are minimums, we recommend budgeting more than the minimum to ensure there’s sufficient budget to cover all your costs.